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November 3, 2013
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Rosedawn application by Misstycatbb Rosedawn application by Misstycatbb

Application for SunClan from galaxieclans ^_^

Age: 21 in human years (idk what that would be, like 18 moons? :shrug:)




She is quiet and keeps to herself. She obeys orders from her leader without question. She is very organized and has a good memory.

Though she is young, she is a swift warrior and one of the best hunters in her clan. Her powerful back legs that she inherited from her father allow her to run extremely fast.

Though she keeps to herself, she is friendly towards her closest friends and sharp tonged around her enemies. She is smart as well, she was trained to analyze her enemy's movements and see were their weaknesses are.


When someone brings up her family (mother, father, and brother) she gets very angry. They died in a fire when she first started training as an apprentice. She was the only one who made it out, and she sometimes has nightmares about it.

Her anger can cloud her judgment at times and it causes her to make rash decisions.

She is sort of blind in her right eye, due to an old injury from the fire.

Her quietness tends to intimidate others, and can easily confuse someone when she expresses emotion. It can be hard to tell if she is great full, or down right annoyed.


She doesn't have a mate yet (she feels it would hold her back)

Her best friend is the clan medicine cat (I saw your comment, lpsnetwork xD)

Doesn't have any family, but looks up to the leader as a father/mother figure (idk if its a male or female)

She likes to visit the nursery and play with the kits (they remind her of her little brother)

Everyone else in her clan are all neutral, and she would protect everyone one of them


Misstycatbb Nov 3, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
awesome! Thank you :D
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